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     It's a relief to know we can count on HarmondsworthCarpetCleaners for reliable, efficient, and high-quality carpet cleaning services every time.
Sheila Foggarty18/12/2023
     Seamless process thanks to easy booking together with an exceptional cleaning team resulting in spotless bathrooms for us all!
Fiona P.20/11/2023
     I got a clean carpet in what seemed to be moments after hiring Cleaning Firm Harmondsworth. The way they went about their work was exceptional. They had a professional approach and delivered great results.
Paul C19/05/2020
     I have a tough time making up my mind. However, when I had to hire a cleaning service after Dad passed away, the choice was clear. This company has a great reputation for providing top-notch service around the clock. The only cleaning service my family and I call. They're there when we need them.
Melinda Simon20/09/2019
     I am very pleased with the service provided by the cleaning team. I did call on short notice but HarmondsworthCarpetCleaners were able to fit me in their schedule on the very day. The two cleaners crew arrived exactly on time and they did such a thorough job, that I knew I couldn't have ever done the same myself. They have definitely risen the standards for other professional cleaners, not that I intend to use anyone else while they are still there.
Z. Brady18/02/2015
     Got to say that I'm more than impressed with the services which HarmondsworthCarpetCleaners was able to provide in our office. We'd been working on a kind of rota system to handle the workplace cleaning, but found that it just wasn't effective. We have clients coming round and need to make a good impression. So we went professional and I don't think we'll ever go back to how it was before. The office is absolutely spotless, couldn't have asked for a better service. And the cost provided great value as well.
Agnes C.07/01/2015
     My home had become every messy over time and I so I knew I had to take care of it. Handling such a large cleaning chore though would be tough to complete on my home so I called up HarmondsworthCarpetCleaners. I knew their expert team would be able to give me the help I need and they delivered on this. My home was restored to a perfect state and looks great, thanks to their hard work. I couldn't have done it without them.
C. Walters18/12/2014
     If anybody is looking to hire a cleaning company right now then I must say HarmondsworthCarpetCleaners do a fantastic job. I hired them last week because my home needed a good thorough clean; you know one of those massive spring-clean's where everything needs addressing...! Well what can I say? My home looks ace, I knew that they would do a great job because I'd heard from others how good they are, but I didn't expect it to look anywhere near as good as this. I'm so pleased with the results, I feel as though I am in a brand new home, I do not want to touch anything now because I don't want to dirty any of it lol happy customer!
     Getting your home clean can sometimes be a little too much handle, especially when you are a single parent. I had no idea that there were companies out there who could get my housework done quite so quickly and easily. It is no doubt a sign of my own incompetence, but it was a lovely surprise! I use HarmondsworthCarpetCleaners and they have made everything so much easier it's not true! If you are looking for a great team to get your cleaning done for a good price, then give them a call right away!
Stephanie Evans07/01/2014
     I work a lot and I hated coming home to a messy house, but I just didn't have the energy or the motivation to get cleaning after a ten hour shift! My housework was really getting on top of me, and when I reached my limit I contacted HarmondsworthCarpetCleaners. They sent out a really experienced and lovely cleaner who got to work straight away. She does a really thorough job every single time and now I never have to worry about the state of my house! This is a service that I think would benefit a lot of people, and more families and workaholics need to know about this company!